Friends of Dacre Braithwaite (FODB) PTA

Cath Lea 


I have two sons at Dacre Braithwaite, one in class 4 and one in class 1.

I attended Dacre Braithwaite
as a child, so I was keen to join the PTA to help raise money for our school to improve the facilities and provide additional experiences for our children that
the ordinary school funds can not meet

Louise Graeme


I have two children at Dacre Braithwaite, Jamie in Year 2 and Jessica in Year 3. 

I am a mother, wife, helper and instigator of crazy events to raise money for the school. 

Jacqueline Baker 

Vice Chair

I have 1 child at Dacre Braithwaite - Victoria in Year 2. 

I am self employed and the DIrector of AMP Awards - a schools based music & enterprise competition. I have worked with schools for the last 12 years linking education with business.

Tracey Robinson


I have 1 child at Dacre Braithwaite - Daniel in Year 2 and my daughter Megan in reception.

Our family have had links with Dacre Braithwaite for many years.